Shape diversity of Trochoids and Cycloids

Animation and Variation of a cycloid or a trochoid with interactive sliders

Epitrochoid (or with cusps Epicycloid)
A moveable (yellow) wheel runs around a fixed (gray) wheel

Hypotrochoid (or with cusps Hypocycloid)

Peritrochoid (or with cusps Pericycloid)

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Angle of the connecting line between the centers of the revolving and of the stationary wheel as well as the horizontal axis
φ (Phi): 330
Radius of the fixed wheel
rR 4
Radius of the revolving wheel
rG 1
Distance of the point which generates the trochoid to the center of the revolving wheel
a: 1.5
Quantity of
self-intersecting points
Quantity of
points of inflection
Special case

x 0  
x 0 x genäherte Geradführungen
00 x  
x 0 x Spitzen
x 0  
x 0 Mehrfach-Selbstschnittpunkt;
x 0  
Starting angle of the revolving wheel
γ0 (Gamma0): 150

Double generation of trochoids

All trochoids can be generated by another alternative pair of wheels:
    This epitrochoid with the transmission ratio i= and the distance a= is identical to the
peritrochoid with the transmission ratio i= and the distance a=

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